Poles convicted of smuggling alcohol amongst building materials

jæren district courtJæren district court.Photo:commons.wikimedia.org

Four Polish men have been convicted of smuggling, and sentenced to imprisonment for at least two years for smuggling beer and spirits to Rogaland. According to the judgment, the alcohol was disguised as paint and building materials.


A 30 year old man was sentenced to jail for two years and three months,wrote Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper. For the three others, the sentences varied between two years, and two years and two months.

The smuggled alcohol was discovered when employees in the warehouse of ‘Bring Cargo’ in Tananger smelled beer  in June 2017. It led to customs investigating six pallets of goods. In the upper boxes they found paint, dyes, screws, and the like, as described in the description. Further down, however, there was alcohol, a total of 4,128 liters of beer and 298 liters of spirits.

According to the ruling, this would have been the 21st delivery the smugglers had made, and the four were sentenced for the import of several thousand thousand liters of alcohol sold on the private market in Rogaland during the period between January and May last year. The total tax evasion came to almost 6 million kroner.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today