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Polish plan demonstration against Norway

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Polish plan a demonstration against Norway

In Poland, a demonstration is planned outside the Norwegian embassy after the expulsion of consul, Slawomir Kowalski.

The demonstration is planned outside the embassy in Warsaw on Monday. The conservative Catholic organization, Ordo Iuris are behind it reported ABC News.

This organization has, among other things,helped a Norwegian woman on the run from the child welfare service to be granted asylum in Poland recently.

Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor the Norwegian embassy in Poland would comment on the planned demonstration.

On Monday, the Polish consul in Norway, Slawomir Kowalski was declared ‘undesirable’ as a diplomat in Norway. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs justified the decision with problematic behaviour on the part of Kowalski.

Poland replied by, the same evening, expelling a Norwegian consul from the country.

Kowalski must leave Norway by Monday.

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1 Comment on "Polish plan demonstration against Norway"

  1. Tomas Tulacek | 23. February 2019 at 11:10 |

    Greetings from Prague.My question is, why nobody says why exactly are the Norwegians so upset about Mr.Kowalski´s behaviour? We all know by now that dozens of children have been kidnapped in Norway in a way hardly imaginable by any standards.Mr.Kowalski has been helping these people and said loudly what is Barnevernet, considered by many as Gestapo like organization.I have seen many videos, showing what such kidnapping looks like.It is truly shocking and incomprehensible .As regards ” court ” proceedings”! where these cases are being decided,we know that “Folkesmenda ” is a mockery of a court,where members know each other and will do exactly as social worker tells them. Because she is probably their aunt or sister or wife.WE hear that no job like that can be had in Norway unless you know somebody “inside.”Corruption we call it.Mr.Kowalski knew all this and when he was prevented from entering the courtroom he reacted in way everybody would .He knew that a polish citizen is being treated unfairly and wanted to be there to help. When prevented from doing so by police gorillas,he probably lost his nerve .I would do the same and fight .
    Therefore, everybody knows why Norwegians are so upset .Our czech consul never did anything like this for czech children kidnapped in Norway and this is now being discussed here very often .Case of Mrs.Michalakova is by no means finished,this is just the beginning.But, we are all very delighted that norwegian consul was expelled from Poland, well done. Pity czech authorities didn´t expell Sletner, the ambassador ,we deeply
    regretted it.But, norwegian funds are probably more important then human rights.

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