Police action in Bergen after abduction

Abduction BergenA police helicopter from Oslo arrives at Nipedalen at the Canada forest in Bergen where the police chase three perpetrators who kidnapped a man during the night. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Large Police action in Bergen after abduction last night

There is a major police action ongoing in Bergen after a man was kidnapped in the city the night before Friday. The victim has been located and a man has been arrested in conjunction with the abduction case. The latest update is that the police has apprehended several persons, but are not willing to state how many, yet.


According to the police, a man was pulled into a car and driven off from a place in the City Centre of Bergen. The man who is in his late thirties is, according to the police, in relatively good shape, but has been taken to Haukeland Hospital for a check-up. «Mostly shocked and marked by the event», the Bergen police tweets around 8 am.

The police have arrested a 24-years-old man and hunt for three other persons in connection with the abduction. On Friday morning they launched an armed effort in the area of Nipedalen, Tennebekk and the Canada forest at Laksevåg in Bergen. The police ask the public not to approach the area in the near future but emphasise that there is no reason for anxiety.

Police Helicopter

– Per now there are several patrols in the area, including dog patrols. A drone is also being used in the area. In addition, a police helicopter from Oslo is on its way to Bergen to assist in search of the said area, Operational Manager in the West Police District, Frode Kolltveit, informs.

The abduction took place a little past 2 am on Friday. At 2.10 am, the police were contacted by a resident who had overheard arguing and anger outside, on the street. After a short while, one of the participants was pulled into a car that drove off.

Several police patrols were deployed on pertinent roads. at 5:45 am two cars were found at Nipedalsvannet (Nipe Dale Lake). Several persons were seen close to the cars, but they skedaddled. The police later succeeded in apprehending one of them, the 24-years-old who is now in police custody.

Without shoes and tied up

Immediately after this incident a bus driver called from the same area and informed that a man wanted to enter the bus. He was without shoes and his hands were tied up. It turned out to be the man who had been abducted.

The man explained that he had been kidnapped by four people. He was threatened by a gun and knives. He also informed that he was beaten several times to his face.

– We are investigating broadly parallel with the search, which is still in progress. It is somewhat too early to determine whether the insulted and the suspects knew each other from before, the Operation Leader states.


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