Large police action after shooting at Bjørndal in Oslo

Police Steinkjer, Suspicious Death hit and runPolice Car. Photo: Norway Today Media

Large police action after shooting at Bjørndal in Oslo

The police are in place with many patrols following reports of shots being fired at Bjørndal, southeast of Oslo.


Nobody was injured in shooting, Oslo police states on Twitter. Probably the shot came from a starter pistol, according to Operations Manager Per Ivar Iversen. It was loosened from an apartment, possibly directed towards a car.

– We on Friday afternoon received a number of reports of shooting and are now working to clarify what has happened and what roles those involved had. We have control of all the cars and people who were involved, Iversen says.

Loud bang

The shooting took place in a residential area in Bjørndal, in the district of Søndre Nordstrand in Oslo, but has probably not posed a danger to passers-by as the assumed weapon used was a starter gun. A starter gun makes a loud bang but does not fire any projectile.

Iversen will not say anything about the people involved or their age or affiliation.


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