Police action against networks that have shared ‘child-sex abuse’ images in Bergen

PolicePolice, Bergen Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Bergen Police took action on Friday against a network that has shared graphic, sexually abusive images of children.
A policeman from their own district has been indicted in the case, which has been investigated over a long period, reports the newspaper VG.

Bergen Police have announced a special press conference concerning the matter on Sunday, and would not comment in advance to the news agency NTB on Saturday night.

The police notice of the press conference included the information that it concerns several cases which involve the sexual abuse of children.

The newspaper VG reported that it has been informed that a lot of people are accused of downloading or streaming material depicting sexual abuse of children. NRK news said up to 20 people have been charged in the case. One of the accused is a police officer in Western Police District.

Due to possible conflicts of interest, this matter is now being investigated by police in the South West, reported VG newspaper.

On Friday, police conducted a search of the residence of the accused police officer, but the man has not yet been arrested.

‘We have no comment on this matter at the present time’, said manager, Gunnar Fløystad, in the judicial and prosecution section in Bergen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today