The police ask dog owners for more caution

Dog, Elderly puppyPuppy Dog

Police in the southeastern police district have asked dog owners to be more cautious after receiving more messages about dogs left behind in hot cars.


‘’It is important to be extra careful in this hot weather. How we park, so that the dog gets air and water is important,’’ said operations manager,Trond Egil Groth of the southeastern police district to VG newspaper.

The police district covers the counties of Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark.

On Saturday they posted a message saying they are regularly report about dogs in hot cars, as well as dog owners who do not respect the leash rules. “Dog owners: Step it up!!!” is the message from the police.

“We try to go out on all the missions we can. In some cases,we call the owner and we have also had to get into cars to make sure the dogs are doing well. During the day we get reports from witnesses who are worried about dogs left inside cars,” said Groth.

In the worst cases it has ended with the owner’s prosecution.


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