Police ask Norwegian government for sharp increase in number of police students

Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

The government’s Ukraine crisis package must include a sharp increase in the number of police students, according to a police union representative.

On Friday, the government will present a crisis package as a result of the Ukraine war. Defense and emergency preparedness will be the main focus of the package.

“Strengthening preparedness means more resources, preferably more operational resources in the police. If we are to achieve this, we must start by expanding the number of police students that the previous government halved,” leader of the Norwegian Police Leadership Association in Parat (NPL), Kjetil Ravlo, stated. 

For several years, the number of police students was over 700, but it was reduced to 400 by the previous government.

Major challenges

With the current number of students, the police will have major challenges in maintaining the current level of services provided to the population, Ravlo said, adding that the total preparedness must be in proportion to a new threat situation.

“In order to contribute to good reception of the largest influx of refugees in modern times, the police have been given significant additional tasks in a short time. Large resources in the police have been reallocated to a mission we must expect to carry out over time.” 

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