Police attacked by youths

PolicePolice: Photo: Norway Today Media

On at least three occasions, young people in Oslo East have attacked, and fought against the police. Violent adolescents have become a major challenge.


Two of the attacks occurred in the district of Søndre Nordstrand. On one occasion, youngsters threw stones at a police car, while a uniformed officer was attacked on another occasion, wrote Dagbladet newspaper.

Several rocks came close to hitting the officer in the head.
‘Fortunately, no one was physically injured. Neither uniformed police officers on foot, or those in the car. We take these attacks very seriously.

It is just luck that no one was seriously injured, or that life wasn’t lost. Currently, we haven’t identified those who threw rocks. But we know the environment they belong to,’said John Roger Lund, chief of police in Oslo East.

The third episode the newspaper is aware of took place in Groruddalen, where a policewoman and her husband were exposed to stone throwing. It happened when the policewoman tried to summon colleagues to alert them to a large gathering of youngsters at a cabin in the woods.

Lund told the newspaper that the police face major challenges in four of the seven districts for which he is responsible.

‘But it’s not the case that the police are refusing to go into certain areas. We have a good overview, and knowledge, of these criminal environments. But it’s true that we are also concerned for the safety of our officers,’ he said.


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