Police car wrecked during car chase – motorhome driver ran away

Illustration. Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Swedish motorhome driver tried to run away after crossing the border from the Norwegian road police.

When he finally stopped, driver backed camper on the police car and disappeared again.

– The police car was put out of action, said operations manager Jan Erik Nygård to Dagbladet.
All of it was captured on video by one of the newspaper’s suggestor, and the film shows how the camper disappear while the police car was left at the roadside.

Eastern Police District was notified early Sunday afternoon that the motorhome had been involved in an accident in Stromstad in Sweden and ran away from the scene. When the car crossed the border to Norway, Norwegian police chased him down.

– Swedish police asked us to look for camper at Svinesund. And the motorhome appeared up on the old Svinesund bridge, but it did not stop by the order from the patrol car, told to the newspaper.
Camper drove into the center of Halden, where the driver eventually stopped and surrendered.

– He has different issues. He is well known to the police, says Nygård.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today