Police Crash Rolling Crime Spree

PolicePolice.Photo: Norway Today Media

An alleged coordinated attack against the elderly has led to the arrest of 11 Rumanians; 7 in Oslo & 4 near Hamar.


The alleged thieves attacked quickly and dashed, using automobiles to target the elderly first at Agder, then Telemark, Hof, Holmestrand and Sande in Vestfold.

The eldest victim: a 100 yr centenarian.

The group used the kindness of the elderly to gain entry to victim’s homes.
Knocking at the door, the alleged thieves would ask for a glass of water, the use of a phone or need of the bathroom or even offering to work a bit at chores.

Once inside, they’d grab anything of value and dash.

The police credit quick tips & help from citizens for the arrests.
The perpetrators moved quickly, attacking almost at random and it was difficult to predict the next attack.

Numerous citizen tips of car descriptions, license plates, the physical description of the attackers and directions of travel culminated Monday’s (12 Feb) arrests.

“These arrests were instigated by an alert public and excellent communication between police districts.” a police press release reports.

The 11 will appear and be heard for possible detention.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today