Police extend online passport ordering time to 90 days

PassportPassport.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The police are working on solving the long passport queues in the Oslo,East and Southeast police districts and are extending the period for online booking to 90 days in advance.

‘’This is already in place in some places already and is being introduced all over the eastern part of Norway in a short time’’ said Acting Department Director for Police,Ole B.Sæverud of the Police Directorate.

The challenge with long passport waiting times is particularly concentrated in the three police districts of Oslo,East and Southeast, and the increase is greater than the police had been prepared for.

End of drop-in service

Oslo police district already has a period of 60 days for hourly bookings,while Eastern and Southeast police districts are now increasing them from today’s 30 days to 90 days.

‘’We believe it is a good move to expand equally across Eastern Norway.It makes it easier for those who need a new passport and creates smoother work and more predictability for those who accept the passport applications’’ said Sæverud.

The police are taking several measures to remedy the situation, including by extending the opening hours in the afternoons and staying open on Saturdays.During 2019,the plan is for all passport offices to end drop-in hours and have a pre-arranged hourly booking system.

Wara meets the police director

On the basis of challenges with the hourly ordering of passports in Eastern Norway,Minister of Justice and Immigration,Tor Mikkel Wara of Fremskrittsparti (FRP),will meet with acting police director, Håkon Skulstad.

‘’The Ministry has been informed that the three police districts in Eastern Norway are cooperating on measures to meet the high demand with, among other things,extended opening hours and Saturday openings. However,I have asked for a meeting with the police director to get an overview of the situation and relevant measures that are necessary’’ said Wara.

At least by autumn and winter

The police said the reasons for the long passport waiting times are compounded.The increase is usually greatest before the summer holidays,and the police have therefore urged people to apply for a passport at the normally quietest times, which are winter and autumn.The police also do not believe the queues have caused closures of passport offices.

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