Police found large quantities of abusive material by chance


Bergen Police have found large quantities of abusive material on the computer of a man who Friday was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs.
The man in his thirties is a foreign national and not resident in Norway, writes BergensAvisen. He was Friday arrested in Fana on suspicion that he was in possession of drugs.

Police Attorney Harald Bilbergs in West Police District said it was more or less a coincidence that they discovered the images on his computer.

– The computer contains a significant number of images depicting child abuse. Presumably there are over a thousand pictures, but we do not have the total overview of the material yet, says Bilbergs.

The man is not known to the police from before, and they will now examine whether he is part of a network that exchange child pornography.

– In all these cases, the networks are of interest to us. It is too early to say if he can be linked to others through so-called “Darkroom” networks, says Bilbergs to BergensAvisen.

The man in his thirties will be brought before a judge on Monday in a custody hearing. Bilbergs say they will ask that the man should be detained in custody for four weeks because of risk of evasion and destruction of evidence.

Kaj Wigum defends the man, and said Sunday that he has no comments on the matter. The man was not in possession of drugs, as the police initially suspected.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today