Police: – Girls in Oppland County harassed by foreigners

Police in Gjøvik.Photo: Henrik Skolt / NTB scanpix

The police in Oppland has received reports of dozens of cases of sexual harassment of young girls in  Western Oppland, just this year. Girls are encouraged to think twice before going out at night on their own.
– Every time this has been reported, the harrassers have been gathering in pars or in groups of three or more. All  of the harassers have been young boys of foreign origin, Bjørn Slåtsveen leader in the forensics section in Vestoppland police says to Oppland Arbeiderblad.
Six of the cases have been reported to the police. Three boys have been questioned and considered known perpetrators. Slåtsveen emphasises that the police consider this to be very serious.
– They go way out of line, and what they do is a criminal offense, he notes.
An asylum seeker in his early 20s recurs in three of the cases
– He lives in a reception center in Hedmark. We believe he is involved in three of the seven cases, says Slåtsveen said.
Police hope that an indictment against the man will be ready shortly.
– This may have consequences for your future in Norway,  Slåtsveen says.
– A trend and a problem is about to develop , and it is a big problem for the girls who are subjected to it. We also suspect that similar incidents have occured without our knowledge,  Slåtsveen said.
– The cultural differences between Norway and some other countries  are so large that things like this can happen. It can often be good to be in the company of another person or other persons, at least for girls in the evening, he said.


Source: Nyb scanpix / Norway Today In 18,17