Police: Incident on the London underground

London Underground T-Bane subway metro maskedLondon Underground, Photo: Pixabay.com

Police: Incident on the London underground

Several media are reporting an explosion at the Parsons Green underground station in London. Several people are reported to be injured, according to London newspaper.


According to Metro’s reporter on the spot, several passengers have facial burns after a white container exploded in a underground carriage near Parsons Green.

Then she describes the carriage being filled with smoke while people were evacuated onto the platform at the underground station.

A woman says her legs were injured and that she saw large flames and heard people screaming that a bomb had gone off.

The police confirm they have moved to an incident at the underground station, but do not elaborate on what has happende. They say they will release more information as soon as possible.

Apparently, the messages that indicate an explosion are based on a Twitter message from one of the passengers inside the carriage where the incident occurred.

– Explosion on Parsons Greens District Line train. Fireball flew down the carriage and we just jumped out open door, writes the passenger.

London’s transport manager says they’re investigating an incident at Parsons Green. Ambulance personnel have also arrived


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