Police investigate rape by psychiatric patient at a hospital in Stavanger

Stavanger University HospitalStavanger University Hospital.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB scanpix

The police are investigating the possible rape of a patient committed by a fellow patient while both were admitted to Stavanger University Hospital.


The alleged rape happened in the abused woman’s room said Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper.

The newspaper was informed that the abuse was stopped when a nurse entered the woman’s room. The accused man put on his clothes and returned to his room.This happened at 21.00 on Saturday night.The following day, the police received an anonymous tip about the case confirmed police inspector, Magnus Jåtun, of the Southwestern Police District.

The tip was that a psychiatric patient admitted for a bed at Stavanger University Hospital had been raped by a fellow patient the previous night.

When the police went to the spot the following day, they had to let the accused go unpunished. Police investigators took action only after the hospital had been in contact with the woman’s assistance attorney.Only then did the police know who the victim was.

“We neither had the name of the accused rapist or the victim.That we were held back, of course, weakened the investigation and the evidence” Jåtun said.

According to the police inspector, there was uncertainty about the confidentiality that led to the police failing to make an arrest. The police have now opened an investigative case against the health agency.


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