The police investigating Norwegian pike mafia

Pike mafia, TrøndelagPike. Photo:

The police is investigating Norwegian pike mafia

The police will investigate what fish managers suspect is organized illegal stocking of pike in several places in the country.


It is Fish Manager Anton Rikstad at the County Governor’s office in North Trøndelag who introduces the phrase.

– I fear that there is a gang who are fanatically keen on fishing large pikes. Therefore, I call them the ‘pike mafia’. I do not know where or who they are. But there is something mystical about this, says Rikstad NRK.

The predatory fish is still illegally released in Norway, and it is the capture of two pikes in the Hovdalsvatnet drinking water source at Frosta in Nord-Trøndelag last week, which causes Rikstad to react.

Bounty promised

He emphasizes that this is illegal and is regarded as being an environmental crime.

– We strongly dislike the spread of it. Pike can actually feed itself out of a lake, by eating all available food, he says.

Nature and Environmental Coordinator in Trøndelag Police, Vidar Sunde, who is leading the investigation of the “pike mafia”, confirms that the police views this as being serious, and points out that they risk up to three years in prison for the illegal spreading of species.

The County Governor of Nord-Trøndelag has promised a bounty for information that will reveal who is behind the spreading.


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