Police investigation of “rave cave” where party-goers suffered carbon monoxide poisoning completed

Cave party in OsloCave party in Oslo.Photo: Jil Yngland / NTB scanpix

Police forensic technicians have finished the investigations of the cave at St.Hanshaugen, where many were poisoned by carbon monoxide during a rave this weekend.

Detective technicians from the police began investigations in the cave on Tuesday continuing into Wednesday.

– It has taken longer than expected to complete. The reason for this is that the cave was larger and more confusing than we first thought. But we are finished now, and have sealed the entrance and released the bunker to the foundation that owns it, says investigation leader Julie Wangensteen Lien of the Oslo police district to NTB.

According to the head of the investigation, the police have made a number of seizures in the case, including a power supply generator, but she does not yet have a total overview of all items that have been seized.

On Monday, two people were charged with unauthorized access into the bunker, which is owned by the Diakonal Guest house Foundation.

– Interrogation of the two accused is planned for Thursday. In addition, we questioned witnesses yesterday and today, says Lien.

She says they are currently at the beginning of the investigation.

– First, we try to form a picture of what has happened, then we narrow the events down further. The reports from the forensic technicians, and the fire and rescue service will be of great importance in this investigation.

It was the night to Sunday that many party-goers were poisoned with carbon monoxide during a rave party in an old and closed cave-shelter at the intersection of Collett’s street and Ueland’s street at St.Hanshaugen in Oslo.

A total of 27 of the party-goers were admitted to the hospital with suspicion of carbon monoxide poisoning. Several of them were unconscious and had to be carried out during the evacuation. Police believe about 200 people may have attended the party.   

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