Police are looking for two people after a collision in Oslo

PolicePolice in Oslo.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Police Saturday afternoon launched a major search operation for a man and a woman at Veitvet in Oslo after the two ran from the scene of a collision.

The two were involved in a collision between two cars in the city, located in Groruddalen. Both had been seen running from the scene.

– We are looking in the area with police cars and dog patrols, police said on Twitter.

The woman is in her 20’s with blond hair in a ponytail and is wearing black pants. Witnesses at the site explained that a man ran from the Scene as well. The man has red hair, a blue Helly Hansen jacket, tennis shoes and jeans.

– We are looking for them, partly because there is a blood trail from the car and the accident had triggered the airbags which indicates that there are injuries, said operations manager Rune Ullsand of the Oslo police to newspaper Dagbladet.

A 46 year old man who drove the second car was driven to the emergency room with injuries to his arm.

It is currently unclear what caused the collision but police state that there is nothing to indicate that it is due to high speed. The accident is now being investigated.

The police were notified of the accident, which happened on Trondheimsveien by Veitvet, at 3:58pm Saturday. The road is blocked off in the northbound direction.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today