The police to make a chat service for young people

chat service facebookSocial media on the smartphone. Photo:

The police department is working on creating a chat service that will make it easier for young people to report the spread of sex videos online.


According to NRK, sharing of sex videos through chat groups on Facebook and Snapchat has occurred during this year’s End of year festivities. One of the videos show rough pictures of oral sex on a Graduate group bus.

Anne Katrin Storsveen, a police officer at the section for digital surveillance at the Oslo police district, says to the channel that very few report the sharing of such pictures and videos.

In order to reach young people and for them to get more involved in reporting such videos, the police are planning a new chat service. The service will be available through Facebook Messenger, and the police hope it will be ready before Christmas.

Storsveen says police want an online presence so that young people who want to contact the police but don’t dare, get the opportunity.

Through a collaboration with health medical nurse Tale Maria Krohn Engvik – known on Snapchat as “Health Sista” – police officers say she already sees the positive effect of chatting with youth. The collaboration is based on the fact that Storsveen can be contacted should Engvik receive serious requests from young people.

To NRK, Storsveen shows an example where a girl was exposed to a sexual event and was helped via chat to report the incident.


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