New weapons instructions for the police come into force

Police with gunsOslo: Police with guns.Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix
 The new weapons instructions for the police will become operative on Friday. Now the leaders of operations in the police, and not the heads of the police will be the ones who are responsible for the approval of the armament of the police( deciding when it is to be approved, and what types of armaments that then are to be allowed.
– The primary armament expertise in emergency situations will be given to the operational leaders in the police. This will contribute to faster response and better preparedness,  Justice and Emergency Minister Anders Anundsen says.
The weapon instruction is also meant to ensure what the ministry believes is a more appropriate division of labor between the Ministry of Justice and the Police Directorate.
From now on the Police Directorate will, as a general rule, bear the responsibility of the approval of weapons and ammunition for use in the police. New ammunition with significantly different characteristics than what has previously been approved should nevertheless still be approved by the Ministry.
The instructions also retains the obligation to report accidental shots that was introduced last August.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today