POLICE: Night Nurse Attacked Patients

Old womanOld woman

Police have arrested a middle age nurse who admits poisoning at least 4 elderly patients at a Bergen municipal nursing home. Officials were first notified when nursing home day-staff found elderly residents unresponsive and lethargic the morning after the night nurse had watched over the victims.


The accused was the only shift worker on duty during the overnight shift. The elderly victims were rushed to Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen for observation but at post, none showed immediate signs of poisoning.

Legal council John Roscoe, West Police District, Bergens Tidende commented: ‘She gave the victims drugs that she shouldn’t have issued. The criminal charge is attempted bodily injury. Our investigation indicates that the motive was to drug the elderly into deep sleep, thus making work easier for the accused, but we’re only beginning the investigation.’

Director of the Institute of Nursing Home, Karl Henrik Nicolajsen said ‘This is far beyond what we expect from a nurse. If the charges are correct, she has demonstrated seriously irresponsible behavior. The staff at the municipal nursing home became suspicious when patients appeared abnormally tired the morning after the woman had been on duty.’

Police investigated & arrested the woman, placing her under detention at Bergen district court. Police are investigating if similar attacks occurred in other care facilities that the accused worked at and argue that the accused should be kept under detention due to flight risk.

The status of the individual elderly victims was unclear at post.


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