Police notices from August 4th, 2018

PolicePolice at work.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Notices of today’s events from the police

Armed police action after a man was shot in Akershus

Norwegian armed police are looking for a suspect after a man was shot in Oppegård in Akershus on Saturday. The suspect is considered as being dangerous.


The shooting took place at an address in Sætreskogveien, and the police have completed a search after the suspected perpetrator in the vicinity.

They maintain the cordoning off around the address where the shooting took place.

– We no longer believe he is to be found in the nearby area, Operational Manager Einar Hammer informs NTB as to why the search of the immediate surroundings is concluding.

The victim is sent to Ullevål Hospital by an air ambulance. The police inform NTB that the injuries are serious. They consider the suspect as dangerous and believe that he may still be armed.

The suspect is about 50 years old, 180 centimetres tall, has a light skin colour and is bald. He is wearing beige pants, a white singlet and sports several tattoos.

– The perpetrator has shot another person and we want people to stay clear of him, says The Operations Manager, Ronny Årstein, to NTB on Saturday afternoon.

Årstein stated that the East Police District has received national aid resources and that the police conduct both technical and tactical investigations.

The police currently do not know either the order of events nor the background for the shooting at present.

Four men charged with violence at a camping in Hedmark

Four men are charged with bodily harm after acts of violence at Steinvik Camping in the Ringsaker municipality. One man is brought to a hospital by an ambulance.

The police were notified of the incident in Moelv at 4.32 pm. All of the people involved are foreign nationals, and the police do at present not know the severity of the injuries to the victim.

– We do not know exactly what has happened, but we have established that a person has injuries related to being beaten. The assailants are charged with bodily harm, and we undertake tactical and technical investigations on the site, says Operations Manager in Innlandet Police District, Bård Einar Hoft, to NTB.

The police have come in contact with witnesses to the incident.

Man arrested for robbery with a knife in Odda

A young female shop worker was robbed in the centre of Odda on Saturday afternoon. A man in his twenties has been arrested for the robbery.

– The woman is affected by what happened. She has been unconscious according to what we have been told, but was supposedly not injured by the knife she was threatened with. She may have been pushed or has tripped and fallen, says the Operations Manager in the West Police District, Tatjana Knappen, to Bergens Tidende.

The young woman is now taken care of by health personnel.

The police have arrested a man in his twenties at home in his own apartment who is suspected of the robbery. The arrest occurred after the victim of the robbery made a description of the perpetrator to the police.

– This is a man in his twenties who was intoxicated, and that is known by the police from previous encounters with the law. Findings in his apartment strengthen our suspicion that we have found the right man, says the Operations Manager to VG.

A search operation for eight-years-old in Trondheim

The police have launched a search operation after an eight-year-old boy in Trondheim. The boy has strayed away from his parents.

The boy was last seen around 3.30 pm near the Bakke Bridge, which crosses the Nidelva River in Trondheim. He was reported missing shortly after.

He is wearing blue jeans and a blue and white striped shirt with the brand name MEXX on the back. He also carried on a brownish balloon sword and a pink balloon dog when he went missing, according to the police.

– The police are trying hard to find him and we hope for observations made by people in the area. There are very many people in Trondheim due to various events, so it is not easy to find him, says Operations Manager Stig Roger Olsen to NTB.

Just the police participate in the search for the boy at present.

– There has been nothing untoward happening, except that he has strayed away from his parents, says Olsen.

Man found safe and sound after a major search operation in Finnmark

The police initiated a major search action after a man in his fifties was reported missing at Sandfjorden in Finnmark. The man was found Saturday evening.

According to the police, the man is in good shape after being away from his cabin since 1 pm in the afternoon.

The Red Cross, Norwegian Rescue Dogs and the Civil Defense participated in land and beach searches in the area in question, which is located between Mehamn and Gamvik.

– We have a police patrol on the spot, a rescue boat and a Sea King helicopter are on their way in, Head of Operations in the Finnmark Police District, Eirik Pedersen, told NTB before the man was found.


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