Police officer injured and a few were arrested during a counter demonstration in Gjøvik

PolicePolice Car, Photo: Norway Today Media

Three people were arrested after hundreds on Saturday gathered to demonstrate a cause organized by Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN) that was set up in Gjøvik.


SIAN had planned to hold a demonstration at the Railway Park in Gjøvik on Saturday, that provoked many of the residents.

Oppland Arbeiderblad (magazine) wrote Thursday that a Facebook initiative was launched, which called for a gathering as many people as possible to protest against the demonstration.

According to NRK, about 700 anti demonstrators protesters met up at the demonstration Saturday, and they carried megaphones and booed when SIAN tried to organize their demonstrators.

Apparently several anti-demonstrators had set themselves up far into the side of the stage area of SIAN, so it was difficult for audience members to come to.

The police eventually positioned themselves between the groups of the demonstration and gradually the tempers flared. A police officer was injured during an arrest of a counter demonstrator.

– One person from the crowd tried to destroyed the installation of the organizer, when that person was being removed by the police, that resulted in a crowd of around 50 people who tried to prevent the police from arresting the individual.

“Part of this gang attacked the police, and at least one police officer has been injured,” said police spokesman Lars Olav Stepperud.

According to Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen, at least three anti-demonstrators were arrested in connection with the protests in Gjøvik.

NRK reports at 18 o’clock that two of these people are released because they are minors.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today