Police release names of people missing after Gjerdrum landslide: “We still hope to find survivors”

Roy AlkvistPhoto: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

The police have published the names of all the missing people after the landslide in Gjerdrum municipality.

These are the people that the rescue services are still looking for:

Eirik Grønolen (1989), Irene Ruud Gundersen (1951), Charlot Grymyr Jansen (1989), Alma Grymyr Jansen (2018), Bjørn-Ivar Grymyr Jansen (1980), Ann-Mari Olsen-Næristorp (1970), Victoria Emilie Næristorp- Sørengen (2007), Marius Brustad (1991), Lisbeth Neraas (1966), and Rasa Lasinskiene (1971).

A dead person was found in the landslide area in Gjerdrum on Friday afternoon. 

The police state that the deceased has not been identified. Therefore, there are formally still ten people missing after the landslide.

Rescue operation continues

The rescue operation at Ask has been going on for three days. Nine people were still unaccounted for on Saturday morning

At the same time as crews were moving out into the landslide area, police task force leader Roy Alkvist met the press.

“This is still a rescue operation, and we still have hope of finding survivors,” he said.

He did not want to say anything about how long the police believe the operation can continue as it is now.

No scaling down

Alkvist, on the other hand, said that the rescue operation continues with full force, and that it will not be scaled down. 

The Swedish USAR team (USAR is responsible for urban search and rescue) has returned home, and will be replaced by a similar team from Trøndelag.

At 9:30 AM, there was hectic activity near the landslide area. Several ambulances were lined up while Norwegian USAR teams prepared to descend into the landslide area.

On Saturday, ground crews will try to get further into the landslide area than they did on Friday. 

However, the police do not know where to look and have no further information about where the missing people may be, according to Kvatningen.

Rescue crews work against the clock and have only a few hours of daylight available. 

The weather in the landslide-hit village was better on Saturday morning, with no snow in the air.

The hope is to go into areas the crews have not been able to reach so far.

Dead person still not identified

The person who was found dead in the landslide area at Ask in Gjerdrum on Friday was still not identified on Saturday morning. 

Mayor Anders Østensen (AP) said that in the midst of the tragedy, it is important to focus on the fact that life in Gjerdrum must return to normal.

“From the Municipality’s side, we will now continue the work of getting some normality back in everyday life. 

“We will eventually have some children in school, so it is important that we establish some normal structures,” Østensen emphasized.

The mayor said that the landslide tragedy took on a new and brutal reality when it became known who was missing.

“There are many who have a hard time, but we cling to hope as long as the police say there is hope,” Østensen said.

Around 1,000 people have been evacuated. 

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