Police releases the name of the drowning victim in Skien

Ullevål university hospitalOSLO.Ullevål university hospital.Photo : Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX
It was six years old Sadim Vasin Mohammad who died after a drowning accident in Skien Sunday. He fell in Falkum river along with a five year old.
Sadim Vasin Mohammad was a Norwegian citizen with Pakistani origin.
The boy was with two friends, respectively four and five years old when the accident occurred, the five year also fell into the water.
The five year old was picked up by some passers-by paddlers who were in the Falkum river Sunday, while six-year-old boy was later recovered by rescue divers from the Red Cross. There were the four year old who alerted the  adults, which further made contact with the emergency services.
According to NRK, the police have now recovered out the course of events. Police Chief Anne Sandersen describes the incident as a tragic accident. The three boys were playing together in their own neighborhood when two of them fell into the river.
Red Cross says to NRK that they want to be notified quicker when the police are notified of possible drownings. It took eight minutes from the boys fell into the water until their team came to the Falkum river.
Both boys were transported to Ullevål hospital in an air ambulance after being dragged out of the water. Just after 19:00 Sunday night the doctors announced that Muhammad’s life could not be saved.
The five year old still receives intensive treatment at Ullevål, but according to Skien out of danger.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today