Janne Jemtland’s husband indicted of murder

Janne Jemtland Missing womanKripos leaves a small area at Heggvin Recycling Station outside Hamar on Friday morning in connection with the missing Janne Jemtland. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Janne Jemtland’s husband has been arrested in connection with Janne Jemtland’s disappearance, according to the police.

Janne Jemtland (36) from Brumunddal has been missing for two weeks. On Friday several cars were removed from property of Jemtland and her husband, as well as searches being conducted in the Mjøsa Lake.

Early on in the investigation two blood traces where found near the center of Brumunddal. It has been confirmed that the blood belonged to Janne Jemtland.

She has not been seen since the night before December 29. The two blood traces have until now been the only tangible traces of the woman.

The police removed several cars from Janne Jemtland’s house

Police believe missing Janne Jemtland is the victim of a criminal offense. Friday, technicians ransacked her house, and three cars were removed from the property. Latest news is that her husband is indicted.


The cars were picked up by tow trucks and brought to the police station in Hamar. For several hours, the police had been doing a  thorough search of the property in Ellevsætervegen 641, including an extensive search of the house belonging to Jemtland and her husband.

The search of the house in Brennliroa in Veldre occurred based on what is called a third party ransacking in the Criminal Procedure Act. This allows the police to conduct a search of properties other than belonging to a suspect.

– We have spent a lot of time, among other things, on surveys where the traces of blood were found. It’s natural for us to turn every stone on the place where she was last seen, and that’s the property she lives, says police attorney, Julie Dalsveen, to NTB.

Facebook activity

According to local newspaper Ringsaker Blad, there was activity on Janne Jemtland’s Facebook profile on Thursday. However, the police will neither confirm nor deny whether they have access to the Facebook account or whether this is part of the tactical investigation.

In similar cases, it has proved difficult for the police to access Facebook profiles, for example in connection with the investigation of Sigrid Giskegerde Schjetnes disappearance in 2012. The 16-year-old girl was later found dead.

The police announced Friday that no new significant findings were made in the search for Janne Jemtland. The 36-year-old is thus still missing, and no person has status as suspect or indicted in the case.

– Janne Jemtland has now been missing for 14 days and we have found a not insignificant amount of blood stemming from her in two different places. In total and all things viewed held up against the weather in Ringsaker, with snowfall and cold during the last two weeks, we think there is reason to believe she is the victim of a criminal offense, says Dalsveen.

Search of the Mjøsa Lake

Earlier this week, 12 investigators from Kripos were in place to assist local police in all aspects of the investigation. Friday as many as 19 people from Kripos were involved. On the same day, a search was conducted at the Heggvin waste and recycling station in Løten, 18 kilometers from Brumunddal. The reason is that waste from Janne Jemtland’s house was picked up on Thursday.

– While we were working at the property on Thursday, the waste truck picked up the trash. – We needed to investigate this now and could not miss the opportunity, says the police lawyer.

According to VG, both Thursday and Friday searches where made in and around the Mjøsa Lake.

Hopes fade

Janne Jemtland has not been seen since the night before December 29. The two blood traces found around 10 kilometres from her home appear to be the only concrete traces linked to the missing 36-year-old.

There have been more than 200 tips in the disappearance case, and there are still further tips that the police spend time and resources on reviewing. Several of the tips are about the period from 2 am on the night she was last seen until 5.50 am the same day when a signal from her cell phone was registered in the centre of Brumunddal.

– Hun ble sist sett i boligen på eiendommen, men vi vet ikke hva som har skjedd med henne og har ingen oppfatning av hvor hun kan befinne seg. Det jobber vi intenst med å finne ut nå, sier Dalsveen og gjentar at for hver dag som går, svinner håpet om å finne den 36 år gamle tobarnsmoren i live.


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