Police say summer tires have run out of road

snowSnow and police.Photo: pixabay.com

If you do not have winter tires today, you will lose your license, said police

Police in Oslo defied their own warnings, and emerged with summer tired on Saturday.

It ended with them taking the assistance of the fire brigade. Police warned that motorists driving with summer tires on an icy road risked losing their license.

Despite the warning, the heavily pressured Østfold police themselves drove out with summer tires to an accident on Saturday morning, reported the newspaper Dagbladet.

Police parked at the roadside. But when they were leaving the place, they needed assistance from the fire department to reach the main road.

‘There will be equality before the law. The station management will later decide what happens next to the person who drove the police car’, said operations manager Villy Meier of Østfold police to the news agency NTB.

In total, seven driving licenses were seized from motorists who drove on summer tires in Oslo and nearby municipalities on Friday night according to Dagbladet.


Source. NTB scanpix / Dagbladet / Norway Today