Police searching for two men after abduction in Oslo

Police car machete Dead woman Torp AirportPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media.

Oslo police go out with pictures of two men suspected of having been involved in an abduction on Ljan south of Oslo on Thursday.

The two men were photographed in Herregårdsveien on Ljan south of Oslo, where a person was forced into a car and abducted in the morning on September 29th.

Police believe they have been involved in the abduction, based on image data that is collected from the current parking lot.

The images were published on Monday in connection with pictures taken at the crime scene, right before the abduction took place, and comprise only a small part of the overall picture police is working with.

– Based on the photos and how these people behave and interact, we think the two men are in a clear connection to the other three arrested, says chief investigator Thor Martin Elton from Oslo police district to the news channel NTB.

Altogether three men arrested and charged with severe deprivation of liberty after the incident.

Two of them, a 29 years old ethnic Norwegian and a 25 years old man with Turkish background, were remanded on Saturday for two weeks with letters and visitation and full insulation.

The third accused have been asked for remand at Oslo District Court on Monday afternoon.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today