Police Security Service reports that lone terrorists tell friends and relatives about terror plots

PSTPolice Security Service Headquarters.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / SCANPIX

A new report from the Police Security Service (PST) states that six out of ten lone terrorists have told friends and family members about their terror plans.

Approximately 75% of terrorist attacks in the West in recent years have been conducted by what are referred to as ‘solo terrorists’, according to the report.

According to TV 2, PST have found a number of common features among perpetrators who’ve committed attacks.

‘We see that these people have a poor connection to working life. They have few, or random job histories, and poor finances.

At least 40% have been involved in violence earlier, and as many have been in prison at some point.

We also see a strong prevalence of mental disorder among terrorists’, said strategic analyst, Siv Thomassen, at PST, who spent one year on the report, which is based on, both national, and international research.

The PST hopes the report creates increased awareness among the public.

According to the report, in 80% of cases, the milieus around the terrorist have been aware of the frustrations of the potential terrorist.

In almost 64% of cases, the lone terrorists have told others to whom they have close proximity about what they are actually thinking of doing.

In one third of the cases, perpetrators have experienced stress or special events in the year before terrorist acts, such as a breach of contract, or a loss of work.

Lone terror attacks are also characterized by not being spontaneous, random or impulsive. On average, they are planned and scheduled for three months in advance.


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