Police seek to give legal bans against residence or visits in some areas

Police, Critical InjuriesPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

The Oslo police seek to give young people a criminal ban against residence in, or visits to some districts of the city.


Several people have been arrested at Senter Syd in Mortensrud during the past months. Now the police seek to keep away those who are creating fear in the neighborhood, reported NRK news.

Last week, the police in Oslo uncovered a criminal network by monitoring a drug dealers address. Several have been arrested by police recently who belonging to criminal gangs that recruit youth in the area around Mortensrud.

The police have twice gone to the district court to give an 18 year old a ban on being in Mortensrud center or train station. The 18 year old has previously been convicted for minor offences, and police believe he is part of a network who recruit young people to sell drugs in Mortensrud. The 18 year old has been given a ban on visiting the area for six months, and has appealed it in court.

The lawyer of the youth believes the ban is completely unfair, and questioned whether the 18 year old is a central part of a criminal network.

The police are now considering asking for a ban for more people than the 18 year old, and are receiving support from Arbeiderpartiet’s (the Labour Party’s – Ap’s) Jan Bøhler.

‘It should be easier for the police to impose such a ban in order to keep these people away from the area, and creating new crimes, to make better security in these areas, and in the city generally,’ Bøhler said to NRK news.

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