Police shot man in the ankle in Stavanger

AxeValbergtårnet, Photo: Pieter Wijnen / Norway Today

The police shot a 29-year-old man in the ankle wielding an axe

The police shot a 29-year-old man in the ankle in Stavanger city centre on Saturday afternoon. The man wielded something that looked like an axe, people perceived him as threatening.



The man was arrested and sent to Stavanger University Hospital with what the hospital describes as serious injuries. The time was 15.17 when the police received several messages from anxious people in the centre of Stavanger about a man wielding a weapon-like object and who behaved threateningly.

A warrant was issued and the man was shortly after confronted by a police patrol near the Valberg Tower in Stavanger, Lawyer Sveinung Andreas Andersen in the South West police district reported.- The man began to walk toward the police and was called down by the police on the spot. Despite of this, the man continued to walk towards one of the policemen with an axe-like object in his hand. The Policeman therefore loosened a shot and hit the man in the leg, according to Andersen.

Known to the Police

The event happened next to a café. Witnesses told NRK that they dropped down and hid under the chairs and tables when they heard police officers shout and warn the man that they would shoot.
After the incident the scene was cordoned off, and crime technicians were sent to the spot for investigation. The Norwegian Bureau for Investigation of Police Affairs is routinely been notified of the incident.
– The man received treatment on site in anticipation of the ambulance.

He was later transported to the Stavanger University Hospital.

The man is 29 years old and a Norwegian citizen. He is known to the police before, says Andersen.

Tried to attack the police

Operations Charles Bøgild tells VG that the man started running when police confronted him. It is not yet clear whether the police will charge the man.According to VG several people witnessed the event, and it was a confirmation at the site, with several guests – including several children. A witness tells the newspaper that the man behaved “quite rabid” and that it looked like he had something in his hand.One of the staff at Café Sting witnessed the whole event, says proprietor Terje Vallestad to Dagbladet.

– Min ansatte så en mann som kom springende forbi her med politi i hælene. Han skal ha hatt øks på seg og forsøkte å angripe politiet. Politiet skrek ut at han måtte hive fra seg våpenet, sier Vallestad.


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  1. Tante Wendy | 8. May 2017 at 13:39 |

    This 29year old man was discharged from the Stavanger hospital last week without treatment for his severe mental health issues. He is in deep psychosis. It is Mental Health Awareness week in the UK. Please Norway step up and treat people with Mental Health issues, do not shoot them. He did not have an axe. He had a small multitool.

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