The police shot a man in the leg in Bergen

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The police shot a man in the leg in Bergen

A man in his thirties was shot in the leg by the police in Bergen city center night before Tuesday. The man reportedly threatened police with weapons.

At 2 am on Tuesday the police in Bergen was notified that a man walked around the streets of the Møhlenpris district, in the center of town, waving a gun. When the police arrived, they felt threatened by the man.

– Our officers searched for the man, and when they found him, he threatened them with a weapon, and they loosened a shot. The man was hit in the leg, says Lars Geitle. Geitle is Operations Manager in the West police district.

The man was picked up by an ambulance after the shooting incident and is hospitalized at Haukeland University Hospital where he is treated for gunshot wounds.

– I can not say anything about the extent of the damage, but he was conscious. Our patrol on the site states that he is doing well, says Geitle to NTB.

The operation manager confirmed that they found a firearm on the man, but did not want to elaborate on this. He would also not say if the man is known to the police from before, but confirm that he is a resident of Bergen.

Geitle says that the Special Unit for Police Affairs has been routinely notified and the police involved in the incident are being taken care of.

The Special Unit is still working on the scene, which has been cordoned off, Tuesday morning.


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