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Southern Police ask where parents of the adolescents were

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

Having dealt with several teenage parties which had gone overboard on Saturday night, the police force is wondering where parents are.

At 9:39pm the police had to scramble to what was supposed to be a quiet and peaceful party, but where about 100 drunken youths gate crashed. Half an hour later the police had to head out to an area in Vennesla to gain control of another party.

“The parents are more then welcome to pick up their children,”  police wrote on Twitter.

– It is not easy for us to find the capacity to take care of other people’s children, says Klausen of Agder Police to the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen.

Simultaneously with the call from Vennesla came a  notification of another party in the district. What was supposed to be a “quiet home alone party” had to be stopped by the police. It was then the operating manager came with a message on Twitter: “Where are the parents?”

– Here there was a poor girl alone at home with a few friends when  around 60 drunken youngsters appeared and kicked the door in  making it their party, says Klausen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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