Police staff found injured woman on his way to work

Oslo East Police carPolice car. Photo: Norway Today Media

Police in Sarpsborg has started an investigation to find out what happened to a badly injured woman in her 30s who was found in a street in Sarpsborg this Saturday morning. According to NRK, the woman was found by police staff.

‘It was clear that the woman has been exposed to violence. We have reason to believe that she has been outside for a while’, says officer Terje Marstad of the Eastern Police District. The woman is unable to report what has happened and is brought to the ER in Sarpsborg. She will later be moved to overgrepsmottaket, the sexual assault centre.

The police are interested in tips from people who may have seen something in the area Vikens gate Færden gate before 5 o’clock on Friday night.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today