Police start investigation into Erna Solberg’s possible breach of corona rules

Erna SolbergPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The police have decided to start an investigation into Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s birthday gathering in Geilo due to a possible breach of the corona regulations.

“The investigation will clarify what has actually happened and whether this may be a violation of either local or central regulations,” the Southeast Police District stated in a press release.

The prosecuting authority will then assess whether there are grounds for other legal steps.

Case background

According to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), Solberg’s family gathered two nights in a row, and more than ten people ate dinner together. One night everyone was out eating – except the Prime Minister herself, she had eye problems. 

According to the national infection control rules, that many people could not have gathered at a private event at a restaurant in February.

The day after the restaurant visit, the extended family of 14 people gathered, including Erna Solberg, in an apartment where they ate sushi. 

Solberg apologizes

The Prime Minister apologized for the situation on Thursday evening.

“I, who inform the Norwegian people about infection control rules every single day stand, should have known the rules better. 

“But the truth is that I have not checked the rules well enough, and thus I haven’t realized that when a family goes out together, and there are more than ten people, it is actually considered an event,” Solberg said.

“In retrospect, after NRK asked me the question whether this was not an event, we understood that it was in violation of the regulations. I just want to apologize for that,” Solberg said. 

Professor: It’s a violation 

Law professor Hans Fredrik Marthinussen told NRK that he believes this is a clear and undoubted violation of section 13 of the corona regulations, which defines what the authorities consider an event:

“An event, in the sense of this regulation, means the following: gatherings in a public place or in premises and outdoor areas that are rented or lent out, including hotels, parish houses, assembly halls, conference halls, and halls.” 

“I believe that a rented apartment, without a doubt, falls under this definition. Does Solberg perhaps think that someone who rents a house or an apartment and invites 100 people only violates recommendations?” Marthinussen asked.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. Meanwhile, our President Joe Biden – whom Erna has applauded as being more “assertive” – has had the gall to call Russia’s Putin a “killer,” although Joe is up to his own ears in the blood of millions of innocent Iraqis, Libyans, and Syrians in wars – holocausts – he promoted. Even the pro-war Atlantic Council is getting scared, judging from their sudden call for “Humility in American Grand Strategy” just yesterday.

    Then there are the one-too-many “murder-suicides” of American dissidents Philip Marshall (9/11) and David Crowley (The Gray State) *and their families* during the Biden&Obama government.

    Biden has the exact same mentality of others much like him in Northern Ireland. He’s a mortal threat to the West and our loved ones, especially since NATO seems to be planning on having a nice little nuclear war with Russia up here … without “consulting” with the Russians about that, of course.

    But Erna thinks Joe is great … thus making herself as dangerous to us as well. (Any recent NRK programs on Norway’s sivillforsvars, like NRK’s De Glemte Rommene?)

    Erna seems to be living in her own self-defined world, and she should retire to it.

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