Police stop car on E18 with ten year old behind wheel

carCar in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media.

The police stopped a car on the E18 at Høvik in Bærum on Wednesday after reports of irresponsible driving.

The driver turned out to be a ten year old boy.

It is currently unclear where the journey started, but the first observation of the car was at Helsfyr in Oslo.

It is about 1.6 to 2 miles from there to Høvik in Bærum depending on which route you drive.

The police received notification of the incident at 07.38 when a person called in and told them about irresponsible driving.

‘’He was on ring 3 at Storo in Oslo and had observed the car. He reacted to the driving behavior and when he looked into the car, he saw that a child was sitting behind the wheel’’ said operations manager, Vidar Pedersen of the Oslo police to NTB news.

The caller described the driving as “irresponsible” and said that the car was involved in a number of near misses. The police sent a patrol and the car with the ten-year-old driver was travelling on the E18 westwards.

At Høvik in Bærum, in a slow-moving queue the young driver drove the car into another car from behind.

‘’There was only minor material damage, it was not a powerful collision’’ said Pedersen.

The police then took control of the car and the boy.

‘’We deliberately chose not to use the blue light and siren when we approached the car. After all, a ten year old would be untrained behind the wheel, so we wanted to safeguard both him and the others on the

It is unclear who owns the car he had used. The car is now towed away and the police are in talks with the boy’s parents and child welfare services.

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