The police stops search for armed person in Drammen

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

The police terminates search for alleged armed person in Drammen

The police have terminated the search for a person who allegedly carried weapons and was located at Losjeplassen in the western part of Drammen.


Armed police moved at 11 am on Sunday and blocked of several streets leading into a building site in Drammen, where a man has been observed wearing a balaclava and dark clothes carrying weapons.

According to the report made to the police, the man carried a handgun and a two-handed weapon over his shoulder. Several patrols moved out together with helicopter and dog patrols from Oslo.

After more than half an hour of search, the police tell that they have terminated the action.

All streets reopened to the public

-This is a downtown area and it is a person who has allegedly observed this person entering a building site. We have isolated this construction site and searched all the crutches, nooks and floors in the building there, without finding any indication that there is or has been in anybody there, says Operations Manager Svein Erik Gevelt to NTB.

He states that both the building site and all the streets they barred in the vicinity, now are reopened for the public.


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