Police take control over used car sales

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The police have entered into an agreement aimed at preventing the sale of stolen or illegal vehicles through Finn.no’s marketplace.


“We want to contribute to a cleanup in this market. It should, of course,be nationwide, since Finn also covers the whole country.

That’s why it’s both right and important that we have connected with both the Oslo police and the rest of the country’s police districts” said security chief, Geir Petter Gjefsen, of Finn in a press release.

There must be trade in commodities from first-hand cars if the sale is for commercial purposes.The decision about this lies with the police,who will assist the site in assessing whether the seller is a businessman.

Last year, around 470,000 second-hand cars were sold in Norway.Finn
accounts for about 90% of the market and has so far registered nearly 400,000 car purchases this year.This represents a total value of NOK 120 billion and an average price of NOK 202,000 per car.

“We believe that the agreement will help to control the malicious players who sell cars that are traded on the black-market and should not be on the road.In addition, we believe that this will help to increase the safety of people when they are going to buy a car at Finn, so they know who they are buying from” said police inspector Jan Eirik Thomessen of Oslo police district.


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