The police have theories about triple deaths

Romsås Romsås in Oslo.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Scanpix

It may take several months before completion of a final autopsy of the three dead women found at Romsås is available. The woman was in her late 60’s, and her two adult daughters were in their 30’s and late 20s, when their bodies were discovered last Thursday.


Even though there were no obvious clues as to what had happened to the mother and the two daughters in the apartment on Romsås, north of Oslo, the police still have various thoughts about what could may have led to the death of the women.

One hypotheses is emaciation, said police officer, Kjetil Moen to VG newspaper. Two other possibilities are poisoning or disease.

‘There are no visible signs of the cause of death, so they may have eaten something that made them sick. It doesn’t have to be a disease,’ said Moen.

‘I don’t want to speculate about possible diseases, but this is a hypothesis we have. As I have said before, this was a family that remained isolated, and had not had much contact with the outside world. Had they seen a doctor? It’s one of the questions we are working to figure out,’ Moen continued.

All three women were of African origin, but have have lived a long time in Norway. No one had seen anything of the three women since this summer. When the police entered the apartment, they found the deceased women, without any trace of anything suspicious or criminal having occurred.


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