Police top in Oslo charged with several offenses

Police.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Police leader in Oslo charged with several offenses

A police leader in Oslo has been suspended after being charged with several offenses. the offenses are supposedly not related to his works, NRK reports.


The policeman normally works for the Oslo police district. He has been suspended from his post after being arrested in early January.

– The person is not attending the workplace Apart from that, we will not comment on the matter, says Director of Human resources in the Oslo Police District, Anne-Cecilie Kran, to NRK.

The man’s defense lawyer, who is employed by the law firm Andenæs – Aaløkken – Veum, does not want to comment on the matter. Lawyer, Ellen Holager Andenæs, former police attorney, now representing the same law firm, tells Dagbladet that the accused denies the charges brought against him.

– He denies having done anything unlawful,  she states in a brief comment.

According to the National Broadcaster, the policeman is charged with threats and other matters, but the issues are supposedly not connected with his work as a police officer.

The case is being investigated by the East Police District as the man is employed by Oslo. Police Attorney Kristine Kiær confirms that an employee in the Oslo police is charged with several offenses, but will not elaborate further

– There are a number of investigative steps remaining , including questioning of witnesses. Therefore, we do not want to elaborate at the present time, Kiær states.

The man was arrested in connection with search and seizure operation.

Strict rules

– On a general basis, I can say that our role is to be there and to ensure that the rights of our members are safeguarded. For example, it may be legal assistance in case of personal matters. And then it’s important to emphasize that we never take a stance regarding guilt nor innocence, says the head of the Oslo Police Association, Kristin Aga.

She does not want to comment on specific cases.

According to the Civil Servant Act there are strict conditions for imposing a suspension:

Firstly, there must be reason to assume that the person has been guilty of conduct that may lead to dismissal pursuant to section 15 of the Civil Service Act. Furthermore, there may be grounds for dismissal when the official their improper behavior inside or outside their service are acting unfairly or abuse the trust required by their position.

Pleased by the handling

Aga as a representative of the police union is pleased with the handling of the matter so far.

– In summary, I want to stress that we work well with the employer and that they are dealing such matters in a good way. So far, we have nothing to say against their handling, she says.

The accused police officer has not answered NRK’s inquiries yet.


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