Police warn against road pirates on E6

Car breakdown Road pirates on E6Car breakdown, Photo: Pixabay.com

The Police warn against road pirates on E6

The police warn against road pirates on E6, after receiving complaints from several drivers.


On both the Swedish and Norwegian side of the border, there have in recent days been several calls to the police about road pirates. The pirates trick people to stop along the road, and then swindle them, reports TV 2.

Now the police warns  against stopping for people who may have a desire to defraud you. If you are unsure about whether they really need help, it is recommended to call the police before stopping.

Fake engine troubles

– The classic situation is to call upon other motorists using the pretext that they have engine failure or the like, says Martin Schie, to the TV station. Schie is Operations Manager in Eastern Police District,

Then the fraudsters ask the driver for assistance to pay for, for example, gasoline.

– Often they pay the debt back with false gold or simmilar, says Schie.

None of those who observed road pirates this weekend were cheated.


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