Police warn of toilet paper scam more places around Norway

toilet paperToilet paper.Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

Police are warning people about a new fraud scheme involving toilet paper. Several places have been demanding money for toilet paper that are set outside the house from older people.

Police in several places in Norway have been warned about the so-called toilet paper scam. Police have warned people on Twitter.

– Someone put down a large container of toilet paper beside older peoples houses and then collect the money later, said Kristian Myhra of South-Eastern Police District, to NRK news.

He says this can make many uncomfortable, and the elderly may feel forced to pay for the item.

Police ask people to refrain from paying or accepting toilet paper if it is sat outside their house door, and contact the police if the situation becomes uncomfortable.

According to newspaper Telemarksavisa police suspect that it is a foreign company that is behind the scam.
– As long as customers have not booked this service in advance, it must be described as fraud, said Myhra to the newspaper.

He added that this should not be confused with sales of toilet paper from sports clubs and similar agencies.

– The price of toilet paper used in this fraud sceme is said to be significantly higher than what is normal, said Myhra.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today