More Polish emigrated than immigrated

jobsKarl Johans gate. Photo Norway Today Media.

On 1 October, the population reached 5 252 200, growing by 15 300 during the third quarter.

The emigration, with 11 200 is still high, and the figure was highest for Poles. Among those who immigrated, the majority were Syrians.

The net migration of 9 400 was at the same level as in the third quarter of 2015, and the number of immigrations and emigrations at 20 600 and 11 200 respectively, was about the same level as last year.

The net migration in the third quarter in the two last years has been the lowest since the third quarter of 2006. This is due to the increase in emigration.

The excess of births at 5 900 was 650 lower than the third quarter last year.

Largest immigration of Syrian citizens
A total of 3 900 Syrian citizens were registered as immigrated to Norway in the third quarter, and nearly 1 300 Poles.

The number of immigrants with citizenship from countries with conflicts increased, while immigration due to work decreased. The other larger groups who immigrated in the third quarter were Swedes, Filipinos and Lithuanians.

Largest emigration of Polish and Swedish citizens
The emigration of foreign citizens in the third quarter was at the same level as emigrations in the third quarter last year, but higher than the same quarter in earlier years.

Polish and Swedish citizens were the largest groups of foreigners who emigrated, with 1 400 and 1 000 respectively. More Polish and Swedish citizens emigrated than immigrated.

The other larger groups of immigrants to Norway; Syrians, Afghans and Eritrean citizens, saw higher immigration than emigration.


Source: SSB / Norway Today