Polish man gets Five and a half years in prison for drug smuggling


A 49 year old Polish citizen in Kristiansand District Court was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment for having smuggled over seven kilograms of amphetamines to Norway.

It was on May 6th this year the 49-year-old was stopped by customs officials when he drove ashore from the Danish boat SuperSpeed. In the base of the man’s car police found 7.7 kg of amphetamine, reported NRK news.

The man acknowledged partial guilt in Kristiansand District Court.

– He was aware that he transported drugs, He was just not aware how much it was, said defender Knut Johan Ditlev-Simonsen to NRK.
It is not yet clear whether the 49-year-old will appeal the ruling.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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  1. Drug smuggling…
    Stabbing ….
    Human trafficking ….
    robbery ….
    Child abuse ….
    gang war ….
    Norway is no longer a First world country …. but with all those criminal refugees it became a third graded country like Pakistan , and Norwegians are solely responsible for that … Good going Norway …

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