Polish media reports on a Norwegian woman seeking asylum in Poland

The Norwegian Government’s strategy for cooperation with PolandPolish flag. Photo: pixabay.com

According to Polish media, a Norwegian woman has applied for asylum in Poland. The woman says she is afraid that child welfare will take her daughter away.


The woman’s oldest daughter has already been handed into the care of the child welfare services. Now she is afraid that her younger daughter could be taken from her, wrote the Polish media.

The Schengen rules allow the woman to live freely in Poland, but she allegedly fears that the Norwegian authorities will request the extradition of the child, and she has therefore applied for asylum for her and her daughter.

According to the Polish authorities, ten foreign nationals, from five countries, have applied for asylum so far this year. None of the applications have been granted.




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  1. Tomas Tulacek | 17. October 2017 at 15:01 |

    I am not surprised .She is genuinely worried about her daughter´s wellbeing .We in Prague all know what a gangsterous organization Barnevernet is and what amazes me is why people are not fighting tooth and nail when kidnapping is taking place in their homes.Unfortunately Norway earned such notoriety which will take generations to repair.

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