Polish sped on the sidewalk while under the influence

Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media

A binge drinking driver was stopped with more than 3 parts per thousand blood alchohol level in Mandal. Such high blood achohil levels can be fatal and police measured the blood alcohol with the man barely blowing into the meter.

Police stopped the car after several complaints of crazy driving in Mandal on Friday night; The driver was stopped on the pier in Mandal.

There were reports of black smoke after the car had driven at a very high rate of speed.

The sample showed over 3 parts per thousand, but the 27-year old man from Poland was taken to the emergency room for a blood test, as the initial sample was somewhat unclear.

To drunk for blow test

– He was so drunk that he had trouble inflating properly. 3 parts per thousand is significant. The man drove in Mandal around downtown, where there is heavy traffic with pedestrians and cars.

Fortunately no people were injured, said operations manager Per Kristian Klausen of Agder police.

He says that the 27-year-old drifted the vehicle in turns and drove up on the sidewalks.


May be fatal

– It is described by witnesses as wreckless driving. We stop many rusa drivers, but over three parts per thousand blood levels are fortunately not so often the case, says Klausen.

According to Public Health, .3 could be fatal, .4 gets brain activity to decline and several body organs to stop working.

Although such a high blood alcohol can be deadly for many,however, a Polish man who had 8.7 percent blood alcohol when he was hospitalized in Denmark in 2005.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today