Politicians call on Muslim boys to join the debate

Pupils at high schoolPupils at high school.Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix

Politicians call on Muslim boys to join the debate

Venstre’s Abid Raja, and Sosialistisk Venstreparti’s (SV’s) Amina Bile, believe Muslim boys have more freedom and less to fight for, so that is why they don’t think about certain questions as much as the girls do.
Raja told Vårt Land newspaper that when Muslim boys receive a freer upbringing, it contributes to their absence in the community debate.
‘If I had to generalise, I’d say that the boys are more spoiled than the girls, especially in the Pakistani environment,’ he said.
Last year, ‘the shameless girls’ became a commonly used term after Nancy Herz coined it in a debate post in Aftenposten newspaper.
‘Our time begins now. We are seeing more girls from minority environments who stand up and fight for our own rights,’ she wrote.

Lack of role models

Since then, several cases of girls doing just that have been reported, but not so many in the case of boys.
‘I think they lack role models. It’s easier for girls to write their thoughts when they see other girls writing,’ said SV politician, and social commentator Amina Bile.
At the same time, she agrees with Raja that the boys don’t have so much to fight for for themselves, but called on them to fight for the girls in any case.
‘The guys are doing fine, I’m alright Jack, let’s put it that way’, she said.


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