Politicians in Rogaland considering bus discount for the asylum seekers

green bus in Oslo traffic.Oslo. Illustrative image of green bus in Oslo traffic. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The Christian Democratic party in  Rogaland wants give asylum seekers discounts on bus tickets , like  students and seniors.

– Integration work starts from day number one, and it’s incredibly important that asylum seekers can get around in the area,  the Christian Democratic politician Hakon Faarlund Hetland  of the county administration says.

– We should look at the possibility of a discount scheme,  that is on an equal footing with the ones enjoyed by the students and seniors. Asylum seekers don’t have much money, but have a need to get out of the reception centers and around the region, he says to NRK.

Communications manager at Forus Temporary Reception, Lars Petter Einarsson, thinks it  will be difficult to organize a discount scheme and proposes free bus services for asylum seekers. The buses get around anyway, he said.

– What will be the cost of the bus taking a few extra passengers on the buses anyway? This  will not mean any t lost revenues for the bus companies, for the majority of the asylum seekers would not consider using the bus at today’s rates. Showing their identity card means a free bus ride, then all  the  challenges of administration and organization will be olved. That would have been a great offer from the county, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today