Great poll for the Conservatives and Red

Government pollThe Red-Green coalition Parties (+ red) logos. Image: NTM

Celebratory poll for the Conservatives and Red

The Conservatives gain the most in the opinion poll of Nettavisen and Amedia in March, but the majority for the bourgeois alliance goes up in smoke because of the crisis figures for The Christian Democrats and Liberals.

The leader of the Liberals, Trine Skei Grande, will be the only Member of the Norwegian Parliament for the Liberals if the poll becomes the election result, according to Nettavisen.

the Christian Democrats would also only have one representative – from Rogaland, where the list is topped by acting Leader Olaug Bollestad. The two parties receive 2.3 and 3 per cent support respectively, and both are thus smaller than MDG, which lands at 3.2 per cent.

“The Christian Democrats and Liberals are heading for the valley of the dead. There is no doubt about it. This is very dramatic,” CEO of Sentio, Arve Østgaard, tells Nettavisen.

the Conservatives have support from 24.7 per cent of the voters. Thereby rising 3.6 percentage points from February. Red is also full steam ahead and has its best result ever in Sentio’s polls with support from  5.4 per cent of the voters.

Loss of majority

The mandate provides only 67 seats for the four government parties, far from the 85 required to retain the majority. the Labour Party, the Socialists and the Centre Party would have received 91 seats and thus a clear majority. Additionally, Red would have 10 seats in the Norwegian Parliament.

The Progress Party is stable at 10.6 per cent, which is almost 5 percentage points lower than at the 2017 elections.

The background figures show that the Liberals have the most uncertain voters, with 34.1 per cent. 25 per cent of the Christian Democrats and Progress Party voters are in doubt. Least uncertain of their affinity are the voters of Red (6.9 per cent) and Centre Party (7.1 per cent).

The support of the political parties is as follows

1,000 persons are interviewed in the poll conducted by Sentio Research Norge AS for Nettavisen and Amedia 12 – 18 March 2019. The error margin is between 0.9 and 3.4 per cent.

Labour (Ap) 27.7 (+0.3)
Conservatives (H) 24.7 (+3.6)
Centre Party (Sp) 14.5 (1.1).
Progress Party (Frp) 10.6 (0.2)
Socialists (SV) 7.3 (0.7)
Red (R) 5.4 (+0.3)
Greens (MDG) 3.2 (0.7)
Christian Democrats (KrF) 3.0 (0.4)
Liberals (V) 2.3 (0.0)

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