Pollen season one month ahead of schedule

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Mild weather in parts of the country has brought an early pollen season. On Monday, the daily pollen alert service started, about one month earlier than usual.

The warm weather is driving the maturation of catkins from alder and hazel trees, and people with allergies living in affected areas should begin medication now, says the Council of the Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF) – which is behind the pollen forecast.

“Due to the mild winter, flowering is ahead of schedule. We have much more unstable and milder weather than before, due to climate change, and this affects the pollen season,” says pollen analyst Hallvard Ramfjord.

First in the west
First out is pollen from alder in western Norway, according to NAAF.

As usual, the season is expected to start with the spread of alder and hazel on the west coast, closely followed by dispersal in southern and central Norway. The pollen dispersal from alder and hazel usually lasts three to four weeks.

“Inland and north of Trøndelag, probably the pollen season is still some time away,” says pollen analyst Ramfjord.

Rainfall has been reported for most of the regions in the coming week, so in the first period there will be blank alerts – i.e. no expected spread.

Not sure if there will be a strong spread
That the season starts early does not mean a strong spread of pollen throughout the season, emphasizes Hallvard Ramfjord.

“One thing is how much pollen is produced, how much is spread, however, is a whole other matter. It is weather dependent. A lot of rain will clear the air of pollen, while warm and fine weather can present challenges for those who are allergic,” he says.

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